Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back in action

Well, it's been just over a month that I have been home, and what an adjustment period it has been. I do have to say that while I'm still adjusting to the day to day operations of being at home, I do really appreciate being back in the great state of Minnesota.

I did not feel this way the first few weeks I was back - when I was shoveling for my parents who are wintering in Florida. Yes, they are "wintering" in Florida. That means they are really truly old right? At any rate, I was kicked in the face with several back to back snow storms upon my return.

One good thing about being out shoveling is that you run into the neighbors. It's really the only time that Minnesotans see each other in the winter time. I was lucky enough to run into my next door neighbor, Dorina. She hails from Romania, and I was glad that while in Hungary, I was able to visit Romania and see some of the beautiful country her family came from. She had just returned from helping to set up a dinner at her Romanian Orthodox Church in St. Paul. Being the person that she is, she invited me along to the Romanian dinner, and I thought - what the heck? Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday night. So, she, her husband and I went to their church to attend the dinner.

It was a lovely evening! I was able to bone up on my Hungarian with Mihaly, and I learned a bit about Romania in the process. After the delicious dinner of sausage, another meat, potatoes and bread there was some dancing. It was different than Hungarian folk dance, and I really enjoyed the chance to see this type of dance.

What a wonderful evening!

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